Paranormal Collaboration’s Podcast


March 23, 2021

Paul Welch is a Paranormal Researcher and videographer. Some refer to him as the Spirit Warrior. He documents paranormal investigations and activity through the use of film. He has produced/edited films like Shadows of Silver City, Eureka Unearthed and currently working on episodes for Spirit Chronicles. He also just took on another documentary project that was filmed in February 2021. 

Paul has always been fascinated with all things paranormal since his childhood. He was intrigued by the mysteries and the possibilities. In 2011 he got his first experience with investigating the paranormal at the Tooele Hospital that is also known as Asylum49. This experience was all that was needed to spark something inside of him to start researching hauntings at a crazy pace. He often refers to it as an obsession.
Over the years and hundreds of investigations, Paul finds himself comfortable behind the camera filming other amazing investigators in the paranormal field. He strives to show the reality of paranormal investigations outside of main stream television for all that are curious. 

Paul started Paranormal Veracity in 2017 to put all his films, videos and stories under. Paranormal Veracity is not a team in any normal sense. Paul is the only member. It is more a collaborative effort with other experienced investigators to explore some of the most haunted locations we can find.

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