Paranormal Collaboration’s Podcast


April 13, 2021

Suzanne Shoemaker is a Spirit Investigator, Independent Filmmaker, Writer/Author, and Talk Show Personality. She is the founder of a spirit investigative team called The Mystery Gang (2010), based in Reno, Nevada, and host of the international talk show called ‘Haunting the Afterlife Radio’. Only twenty miles away from the infamously haunted Virginia City, Suzanne grew up in Reno, Nevada: an area rich in history and a very haunted present. She studied English/Writing, with an emphasis on poetry at the University of Nevada, Reno. Her studies eventually led her to combine poetry with her spirit research and investigations—ultimately culminating in the production of many award winning poems. Currently she is a stay at home mother, who is focused on family, leading her spirit team, and the growth of her own abilities as a psychic/clairvoyant. Suzanne’s future endeavors include producing films for Amazon Prime/Netflix, finishing her two books: Welcome to Crazy World and Haunting the Afterlife—The Journey of a Ghost Hunter, and continuing her growth as a poet, spirit investigator and researcher.

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