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February 23, 2021

“Not all ghosts haunt. Some keep you company until you can trust the living once more.” - Noor Shirazie 

Welcome to Fox Cities Paranormal Team. Founded in January 2008 by Tim Maile, the team has grown in size and experience as well as opportunities.

Shortly after purchasing a home in Oshkosh, WI in October 2006, paranormal experiences including footsteps, voices, and shadows began manifesting. Having no experience in the spirit and paranormal world, it had Tim concerned and inquisitive. 
With humble beginnings, Tim started as many do. Educating and familiarizing himself with paranormal television shows and trying to contact teams in his local area. Hoping, at the very least, to gain insight or answers so that he may better understand what was happening in his home. However, struggling to even get a return email, Tim took matters into his own hands. Over a year later and armed with self-obtained knowledge and continued experiences, the birth of Fox Cities Paranormal Team began to take shape as he began offering help to others having similar experiences. 

Over the course of the last twelve years Tim, partner Todd Arnold and the team have been blessed to experience many events as well as grow their connections to some of the most respected and renowned leaders in the paranormal field. Beginning with a trip to the 2009 Ohio Paranormal Convention, Tim gained confidence that the Team’s direction and purpose was valid, as well as a greater respect and understanding of the plethora of resources available. Following that weekend, many opportunities manifested for the team; including having been a part of hosting 3 paranormal conferences in the area, interviews on numerous radio programs and having had the privilege to speak at many paranormal conferences within America and Canada.

Having led his team on more than 250 residential investigations including one in 2013 that was featured on Syfy’s Paranormal Witness. The episode entitled “The Innocent”, featured the most emotional case the team has ever done. It was a series of investigations over the course of two years that would change the team forever and bring peace and closure to a family and a spirit. 

The connection to the spirit world and knowledge gained during his experiences afforded Tim the ability to write his first book, ‘All Roads Lead to the Paranormal’ in 2013 and then a deeper more personal journey into personal experience entitled ‘The Endless Road’ in 2016. His second book is a therapeutic journey from Tim’s childhood beginning with the loss of his father in an accident, to present day; where he travels the country spreading his message about Fox Cities Paranormal Team, and helping others deal with their depression and suicidal thoughts. Being a survivor of his own his suicide attempt in 2007, Tim’s life was saved by his companion and fur baby, a dog hero named Murray. Tim credits Murray with saving his life, stating that had he not been there, neither would he be today. Tim bravely and openly shares his journey to help guide anyone suffering from depression to a path of healing and life. Tim believes that by sharing his story he can possibly help even one person realize that there is another choice beyond suicide and that if he can help, it is worth sharing his deeply personal story.

Having credited his life to his best friend Murray, the love for animals spreads deep within the Fox Cities Paranormal Team. In 2013 he started a foundation called Pawtographs for Pooches. At each and every one of Tim’s speaking appearances he signs 8x10s of himself and his dog Murray, plus Pawtographs T-Shirts, with all proceeds going to an animal shelter in the area of the event! Tim has also started doing Pawtographs exclusive events where he and other notable members of the paranormal community do lectures, and host an investigation to benefit a local shelter. To date Pawtographs has raised over $48,000 for animal shelters around the country! 

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